Amy, Practice manager

Hi! I began my career at NBAH in January of 1999. I was looking for a Veterinary Assistant position that could coincide with college classes. At the time, I was attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for Psychology and Social Work. I graduated in May of 2001 with my Bachelor Degree in Psychology and began my career as an inner city social worker, keeping the Veterinary Assistant position as a part time job. I’m no longer in social services, but many years later, I am still here and I love it! I work part time and pick up various shifts as both an assistant and receptionist. My co-workers joke about my happiness in coming to work. It’s a nice break from my other life as a stay-at-home mom.

I have a great husband, Erich, and 2 wonderful little boys. We have the best cat in the world. She is patient with the children and is very healthy—although she is a tiny bit overweight. Her name is Scarlett O’ Hairy but she will answer to the nickname of “Skids”. My oldest son is begging for a lizard, which I think would be a great addition to the family. We just can’t decide on what kind of lizard! My youngest son would love to have a snake, but my husband is not too keen on that idea.

It’s hard to have hobbies when you have small kids, but I manage to read A TON of books; mysteries, romance novels, thrillers—I love ’em all. I will also admit to loving celebrity and fashion magazines. I like to go boating with my family and in the summer months, you can find us at the beach or on water somewhere. I have fun with my co-workers, at work or outside of work, and I can definitely say that my job makes me a happier person and better pet owner.