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Our Staff at New Berlin Animal Hospital

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide exceptional veterinary care for your pet as if she or he were our own. Our staff promises to educate and work with you to come up with a treatment plan that best suits you and your pet. From the second you walk in the door to the very end of your visit, it is our goal that you know your pet received the best of care.

Our History

New Berlin Animal Hospital was established in 1972 and has been an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) since 1978. Only 12-15% of the veterinary practices in North America (including Canada) are members of this organization. AAHA is a volunteer membership that holds it's members to extremely high medical standards that exceed the average standards of care in veterinary medicine. As a member, our hospital is inspected on a routine basis and evaluated on over 900 areas of patient care. We are committed to provide excellence in veterinary medicine, dentistry and surgery. Our membership with AAHA is our way of showing you that we will treat your pet as if he or she were our own. To learn more about AAHA, please visit their website at www.healthypet.com


The most important part of a preventive medicine program is the physical exam. At NBAH, we recommend having your pet examined at least once per year. This will ensure your pet's health and will help us to detect any early changes that may lead to more serious medical conditions as your pet gets older. Pets age an average of one year for every 2-3 months as compared with their humans! And since many medical conditions have similar symptoms, a complete physical exam is always the basis for excellent medical care.


The best way to prevent illness from a serious disease is through a comprehensive vaccination program. At NBAH we follow the vaccination guidelines developed by the AVMA and AAHA. We take an individualized approach to vaccines, and through risk assesment, will determine which vaccine protocol is best for your pet.


Because our pets cannot always tell us what is wrong, we have to rely on other diagnostic tests to help determine what may be the cause of a pet to not feel well. Our hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic capabilities including fecal analysis, blood work, radiographs (x-rays), digital dental x-rays, endoscopy, ECG, glaucoma testing, and ultrasounds. We also have the ability to refer our patients for more specialized testing at several area veterinary referral and specialty centers. Specialized testing might include MRI, CT or echocardiography.


A recent study performed by the American Animal Hospital Association shows that severe dental disease can shorten a pet’s life by as much as five (5) years! Given this significant health risk, NBAH is committed to offering a wide range of dental services including a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment, (COHAT) which includes an oral exam, ultrasonic scaling of the teeth to remove tartar and calculus, polishing the teeth to prevent more tartar from forming, and flouride and antibacterial treatments. Digital dental x-rays are used to evaluate teeth and bone under the gumline. All procedures are preformed using state of the art anesthesia with extensive anesthetic monitoring by Certiified Veterinary Technicians. Dental disease has a significant impact on the overall health and quality of life for your pet – if your pet as bad breath, discolored teeth or abnormal looking gums, please give our office a call so that our doctors can evaluate your pets teeth.


From routine surgical procedures, such as spay and neuter, to more complex surgical treatments, our doctors are board certified in general surgery and are trained to handle a wide range of surgical procedures including orthpedic, abdominal and cancer surgery. We have a dedicated surgical suite and use state of the art anesthesia and anesthetic monitoring equipment. We also employ Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVTs) who are board certified to provide anesthesia and monitoring for your pet throughout all proceduces as well as recovery. At NBAH, we are commmitted to providing the absolute highest standard of care, keeping your pet warm and comfortable, and utilize the most current pain-control protocals.


If necessary, we have the ability to hospitalize patients for treatment. If your pet requires after-hour care, we utilize the area referral centers that are able to provide high quality 24 hour care, 7 days a week.


We carry many of the more commonly prescribed medications and are able to get your pet started on the appropriate prescription immediately. We also stock a variety of prescription foods for your convenience.

Payment Policy

Payment is due at time of service. We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Care Credit.